You can buy both individual and wholesale spa slippers online but here we’re going to focus on wholesale buying advice.  This is a cheaper alternative for hotels and spas.

Housekeeping departments face a wide array of choices when buying spa slippers online – it can be difficult to know where to start.  This buyers guide introduces the basics of different slipper materials, soles and styles.  At Foremost Products we have years of experience buying and selling slippers and we’re here to answer any questions you have.

Spa Slipper Materials

Hotel & spa slippers are made from a range of materials, each offering their own benefits and so more suited to certain environments.  All fabrics come in different weights.  This has an impact on comfort, durability and dry time.  Heavyweight washable slippers may also have longer processing time.  Fabric weight is generally measured in grams per square meter (GSM).

Terry Spa Slippers

Terry spa slippers are made of terrycloth, (a.k.a. terry-towelling).  The cloth is made of long loops that are very effective at absorbing water.  This makes them a good choice for hotel bathrooms and wetter spa environments.  Bamboo towelling slippers are an increasingly popular, sustainable alternative to cotton.  As well as better absorption and insulation, bamboo has antibacterial properties preferred by guests with allergies.

Waffle Spa Slippers

Waffle fabric (a.k.a. honeycomb fabric) is also usually made with cotton.  Sometimes it’s made with microfibre however so clarify before purchasing.  While also absorbent like terry slippers, waffle slippers dry more quickly as air is able to flow more efficiently through the material.

Closed Toe Velour Slippers

Velour Spa Slippers

Velour spa slippers are made of a knitted fabric.  This gives them a very consistent and pleasing texture similar to velvet that is able to stretch, increasing guest slipper comfort.  Like waffle fabric, velour is usually made of cotton but can be made from polyester, so watch out when buying slippers online.

Non-Woven Spa Slippers

Non-woven Spa Slippers

Non-woven spa slippers are made from a fabric similar to that used in hospital gowns and surgical masks.  It is made by bonding together long, often recycled fibres with chemical, mechanical or heat treatment.  Non-woven slippers are generally less comfortable than terry, waffle or velour.  However they are lightweight and cheap wholesale slippers relative to their woven counterparts.

Spa Slipper Soles

The sole of a spa slipper has a direct impact on the comfort and durability of your choice.  Soles generally vary in thickness – thicker soles offer more comfort at a higher price.

EVA Slippers

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) is a polymer that approaches elastics in softnesss and flexibility but is cheap to process relative to rubber.  EVA is commonly found in slippers because of it’s lightweight, stress-crack resistant and waterproof properties that are a must for spa environments. Some EVA soles give off a faint odour similar to vinegar so you may wish to clarify before purchasing.

Non-Slip Fabric Sole Slippers

Hotels may wish to consider non-slip fabrics, which include a range of woven materials machined from man-made materials that often resemble rubber or latex.  Non-woven fabric is generally lightweight yet durable and flexible with good shape retention.  Take care to clarify it’s look and feel and water-resistance before buying online.

Spa Slipper Styles

Open vs. Closed Toe Slippers

Open toe slippers use a wide strap across the top of the foot that binds to the sole on either side to keep the slipper in place.  Closed toe slippers bind the strap to the sole all the way around the front of the slipper, creating a closed cup.  Open toe slippers are cheaper and offer greater ventilation.  Closed toe slippers by contrast offer greater insulation and so may be more appropriate for cooler environments.  Closed toe slippers also offer the foot greater protection from accident.

Reusable Washable Slippers vs Disposable Slippers

Manufacturers have begun to meet the demand for reusable washable slippers for hotel and spas to replace disposable alternatives.  Choosing washable slippers means reduced procurements costs but increased running costs and may require that you extend your laundry facilities.  Housekeeping will also be required to introduce and monitor policies for when to replace washable slippers that have reached the end of their life, and replace slippers that guests take home.

Stock vs. Personalised Slippers

Stock slippers are now our most popular slipper due to the fast turnaround and minimal effort required to order.  Many hotels and spa’s see the promotional value of personalised slippers that many guests take away for use at home.  Guest slippers can be personalised is different ways:

  • Embroidered slippers offer the most durable and aesthetically pleasing promotion and suit high-end spas and hotels with a higher budget.
  • Printed slippers are a cheaper alternative to embroidery for the budget conscious that offer a good but less durable aesthetic.
  • For lower quantities and budgets, the cheapest personalised slippers can be obtained through the application of self-adhesive labels.


Slippers most commonly come in white and black, but are available in a wider range of colours should this be key to your hotel or spa brand.

At Foremost Products however we know that ultimately price is the key differentiator when it comes to your procurement decisions.  We encourage you to compare our prices on our range of hotel & spa slippers to our competitors – we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Hotel & Spa Slippers

Foremost Products has 20+ years experience serving the hospitality and conference industries with vetted hospitality and promotional products at highly competitive prices.  We’re trusted by top hotel brands like Hilton, Marriot & Holiday Inn and spas like St Andrews Golf Resort & Spa and Stobo Castle Health Spa.  We’re experienced at sourcing sustainable and recycled products and personalising products to match your brand.