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Product Description

  • Boxed in quantities of 25 or 50 pairs per box
  • White spa flip flops suitable for hotels and weddings
  • 5mm EVA sole
  • Available in small (24cm long sole) medium (26cm long sole) and large (28cm long sole)
  • Cello wrapped in pairs
  • Suitable for hotels, spas, leisure centres, weddings, parties, functions

White flip flops made from EVA  available in small, medium and large sizes with 5mm EVA sole, smooth finish.  Each pair of flip flops is individually wrapped and are available for use by hotels, spas, beauty salons and leisure centres.  White flip flops are also ideal for use at weddings, functions or parties.

White flip flops are available at wholesale prices and can be discounted for bulk orders.

Plain stock is available for next working day delivery if ordered before 12 noon.


Additional Information


Small, Medium, Large


25, 50

Product Enquiry

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