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Purchase Phentermine From Canada > Phentermine Online Gs Labs > Slippers – velour open toe, white (100) – 60p pair OUT OF STOCK
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Contact Us to Get a Quote

Slippers – velour open toe white – plain stock available for next day delivery if ordered before 12 noon.

Contact Us to Get a Quote

Product Description

  • Slippers velour open toe white
  • Luxurious alternative to white towelling
  • 5mm EVA sole
  • Medium 28cm long
  • Suitable for hotel bedrooms, guest rooms, luxury lodges/resorts

Slippers Рvelour open toe white slippers will add extra comfort for your guest.  Commonly offered as complimentary in hotel rooms and spas, the slippers are made of soft, white velour fabric, have been manufactured with a 5mm EVA sole for extra comfort and come in one size Рsole length 28cm.  Boxed in quantities of 100 pairs.  Can be personalised (minimum quantities apply).

Plain stock velour open toe white slippers are available for next working day delivery if ordered before 12 noon.

Product Enquiry

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