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Contact Us to Get a Quote

  • This is a personalised product which is produced to order. Get in touch to talk through your requirements and get a personal quote. Fill out the form on the right and someone at Foremost Products will get right back to you.Learn more about Buy Phentermine 2013.Lead time approx. 4 weeks from artwork approval


Product Description

  • Oval key tag
  • Metalex material
  • Gold or silver finish
  • Engraved personalisation 1 or 2 sides to customer’s requirements
  • Drilled hole to accept split ring
  • Suitable for hotel bedrooms, guest houses, luxury lodges, caravan parks
  • Origination charge applicable
  • Please contact us for a quotation

Oval key tag available in either gold or silver finish the metalex key fob is suitable for hotel bedrooms, guest houses, luxury lodges, caravan parks etc.  Available in a range of sizes and shapes with engraved personalisation to your specification, with drilled hole to accept split ring.  Minimum order quantity 10.

Product Enquiry

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