Personalised Pens

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Personalised pens are a highly cost-effective promotional tool - our product range below includes pens to suit any budget. They're also one of the easiest and most convenient promotional products to use - easy to personalise, easy to stock, and easy to distribute at reception, during meetings, at conferences, and more.

Please select a style of personalised pen from our product range below to enjoy broad and long-lasting exposure of your brand.

Our range of Personalised Pens

How to Order Your Personalised Pens

To order personalised pens for your business, please either call us on 0141 944 4443 or use the 'Request a Quote' form on the product page for your pen of choice. This allows us to confirm our latest low price and clarify your requirements for personalisation.

How to Promote your Business with Personalised Pens

Once you've chosen and personalised your pens, there are numerous ways to start putting them to use - your main objective is to build familiarity with your brand. Why not try some of the following:

  • Keep your conference room stocked with personalised pens for visitors who have forgotten theirs
  • Gift 5000 personalised pens to a school, charity, community centre, library or youth hostel
  • Encourage employees to take personalised pens home where they will reach classmates, other parents and beyond
  • Offer your employees engraved pens as corporate gifts of appreciation
  • Target new customers or thank existing customers with a personalised pen tucked into mail-outs
  • Pass out personalised pens from your stall at promotional events, trade shows, exhibitions, etc.
  • Include personalised pens with promotional packs given out at conferences

A.K.A Personalised Pens

Personalised Pens are also known by many of our customers as Printed Pens, Branded Pens, Logo Pens and Promotional Pens. We chose the 'Personalised Pen' name to encompass both engraved and printed pens, and because not all personalised pens are logo pens - some are printed or engraved with a design relating to a specific marketing campaign. However to ensure all our customers are able to find our products, we list the alternatives here.

Types of Personalised Pens

Our product range extends to numerous types of personalised pens including both metal, rosewood and plastic pens, eco-friendly pens,  capped, twist-action, and retractable pens, and boxed pens.  Plastic personalised pens are generally cheaper and used for promotional gifts as opposed to metal and wooden personalised pens which may be more appropriate corporate gifts.  Eco-friendly personalised pens can be both biodegradable and/or made from recycled material.