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Foremost Products are a premier menu cover supplier to restaurants in GlasgowEdinburgh and all across the UK.

Selected for style, durability, and price, our range of restaurant menu covers and wine list covers are made of the finest materials, are easily wiped clean and resist the daily wear and tear of the restaurant.  Many like the Buckram Menu Covers also feature album-like corners to protect your menu sheets from dog-ears.

Personalise your menu covers to brand the customer experience via an embossed, printed, foil stamped or engraved menu cover design.

Our range of Menu Covers

How to Buy Restaurant Menu Covers

To buy restuarant menu covers for your restaurant or bar, please either call us on 0141 944 4443 or use the 'Request a Quote' form on the product page for your menu cover of choice. This allows us to confirm our latest low price and clarify your requirements for personalisation.

How to choose a Restaurant Menu Cover

You may wish to consider the following when choosing a menu cover for your restaurant:

  • Your restuarant menu cover should complement your restaurant's interior
  • If your restaurant already has a logo, choose a menu cover that will complement it's design
  • Chooose a restaurant menu cover to match the target demographic of your restaurant.  You don't want a diner restaurant cover for a luxury restaurant, nor a contemporary menu cover for a cost-effective, family diner.
  • Laminated Menu Covers are more easily wiped clean while leather menu covers are generally more resistant to daily wear and tear.  Padded menu covers can be more comfortable to hold.
  • Consider adding menu cords and menu tassles to complete your restaurant menu cover

Restaurant Menu Cover Design Guidelines

After selecting the right menu cover for your restaurant, you'll want to complete your customer experience with the right personalised menu cover design.

  • Inform the designer of the colours and dimensions of your restaurant menu cover
  • Ensure the font chosen for your restaurant menu cover is easily readable
  • Keep it simple - you want people to choose food, not be distracted by your brilliant menu cover design.  Your menu cover should ideally complement your brand experience in a subliminal fashion.
  • Choose the right format.  Gold foil stamped menu covers may be right for one restaurant where embossed menu covers are ideal for another.
  • Run your restaurant menu cover design by a few exemplary customers to ensure your design is both professional and popular