Hotel Key Fobs

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A hotel key fob is a tag that is tied or clasped to the hotel room key given to a hotel's guests, to ensure that they know at all times the hotel and room number in which they are resident.  Hotel key fobs come in a range of styles.

Our range of Hotel Key Fobs

Key Fob Styles

Foremost Products offer an extensive selection of Hotel Key Fobs to match every hotel's style and overall brand.  Choose between key fobs of different shapes, inlcuding rectangular key tags, circular key fobs, drop-shaped key tags, pear shaped key tags and even a swiss-style bell shaped key tag, and key tags of different material, including brass key tags, aluminium key tags, acrylic key tags, and nylon key tags among others.

Personalised Hotel Key Fobs

You can personalise your key fobs in a range of styles, such as engraved key tags, re-usable key tags, printed key tags.