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We are a personalised hotel toiletries supplier for the guest rooms of your hotel, including personalised guest toiletries, personalised soaps for hotel rooms and public rooms, personalised dental and shaving kits, and a range of other personalised hotel toiletries including shower caps, refreshment towels and mending kits.

Remember that the value of personalised hotel toiletries is not just in the hotel room, but at home as well - hotel guests regularly take leftover hotel toiletry bottles home, and some even have hotel toiletry collections!  Thus, with personalised hotel toiletries, your brand reaches your guests and your guests' guests! Small personalised bottles are also often reused for their convenience - especially given the new aviation rules.  Make sure they use the bottles personalised with your logo and not your competitors.

Our personalised hotel toiletries each come with a different print area, so be sure to provide the appropriate artwork.

Our range of Toiletries