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£34.00 £29.00

  • Lead time applies for personalisation

Product Description

  • Wooden stationery box
  • Removable pen tray
  • Piano hinged lid
  • Available in gloss black, dark wood and light wood
  • Plain stock available
  • Optional personalised plaque, additional £5 each plus origination of £20
  • (contents not included)

Conference stationery box in high gloss finish with piano hinged lid which is an attractive addition to any conference room and offering a high finish.  Available in in either gloss black, dark wood or light wood finish with removable pen tray.  The wooden conference stationery box is an ideal way to keep your conference stationery neat and tidy.  Dimensions are 36.5cm x 18.5.  Optional plaque for personalisation is available in either brushed gold or brushed silver finish.



Additional Information


Dark Wood, Light Wood, Black

Product Enquiry

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