Chrome Tissue Box Covers / Holders

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The chrome tissue box cover saves you money by allowing you to buy cheap boxes of tissues that sit within the attractive tissue box holder.  This is more cost effective than repeatedly buying aesthetically pleasing but expensive cardboard boxed tissues every time.

Additional benefits of the chrome tissue box cover

  • The mirrored chrome tissue box surface is wipe-clean, for quick and easy maintenance
  • The chrome tissue box cover is robust – you won’t have to replace cardboard tissue boxes that are damaged during use
  • Mirrored tissue box holders bounce additional light around your hotel room
  • Chrome tissue box holders reduce your environmental footprint over time by reducing the materials used.

Chrome tissue box cover special offer

Our special offer on the chrome tissue box cover is only while stocks lasts, so order early to avoid disappointment!

Unit Price£5.95 £9.95£5.95 £9.55
Total Price£59.50 £99.50£297.50 £477.50
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Online Estimate: £59.50 £99.50 (£5.95 £9.95 per unit)

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Why buy from us?

Foremost Products has served the hospitality industry for over 20 years - such experience makes us very competitive.

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